Storage that only you can access with chat commands, cannot be raided
These are individual vaults, not upgrades
You can only buy one of each
/vault opens your largest vault
Open smaller vaults with /vault VaultName
example: /vault small
Check available vaults with /vaults

Monthly vault permissions expire one month after purchase and must be renewed.
Buy multiple months by adjusting the quantity at checkout

Bug warning: Don't equip or dequip items directly from your /vaultĀ 
Don't use /vault in vehicles!

Items stored within vaults may be destroyed when server resets occur about every 2 months. Resets are announced a week in advance.

Medium Vault (1month
1.00 0.50 USD
Large Vault (1month)
2.00 1.00 USD
Giant Vault (1month)
3.50 1.75 USD
Massive Vault (1mont
5.00 2.50 USD
Godlike Vault (1mont
7.50 3.75 USD