Storage that only you can access with chat commands, cannot be raided
These are individual vaults, not upgrades
You can only buy one of each
/vault opens your largest vault
Open smaller vaults with /vault VaultName
example: /vault small
Check available vaults with /vaults

Monthly vault permissions expire one month after purchase and must be renewed.
Buy multiple months by adjusting the quantity at checkout

Bug warning: Don't equip or dequip items directly from your /vaultĀ 
Don't use /vault in vehicles!

Items stored within vaults may be destroyed when server resets occur about every 2 months. Resets are announced a week in advance.

Medium Vault (1month
1.00 USD
Large Vault (1month)
2.00 USD
Giant Vault (1month)
3.50 USD
Massive Vault (1mont
5.00 USD
Godlike Vault (1mont
7.50 USD